Tuesday, September 20, 2011

- . - Life Sucks

So I went to school 13th & 14th. Darren ignored me. I cried. Then on the 15th he talked to me. He got mad and asked why I didn't tell him. Obviously because I had NO clue that he was a vampire. And I said that. He got a face that was like O.O and then he sorta walked away backwards and well . . . . . he kinda ran away. And then I curled into a ball and starred at the clouds. Then Darren came back with some cake and everything was ok. . . . . . UNTIL!!! My dad showed up. He got mad at Darren cause he made me cry (I'm a daddy's girl so I told him) and well it's the 20th and my Dad has "forbade" me to speak to him. X _ X Meeehhhhh . . . . I'm so irritated.

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