Tuesday, September 20, 2011

- . - Life Sucks

So I went to school 13th & 14th. Darren ignored me. I cried. Then on the 15th he talked to me. He got mad and asked why I didn't tell him. Obviously because I had NO clue that he was a vampire. And I said that. He got a face that was like O.O and then he sorta walked away backwards and well . . . . . he kinda ran away. And then I curled into a ball and starred at the clouds. Then Darren came back with some cake and everything was ok. . . . . . UNTIL!!! My dad showed up. He got mad at Darren cause he made me cry (I'm a daddy's girl so I told him) and well it's the 20th and my Dad has "forbade" me to speak to him. X _ X Meeehhhhh . . . . I'm so irritated.

Monday, September 12, 2011

There Are MORE!!!!!!!!!

I have made a HUGE! discovery! There are more vampires in Houston!!!!! ^w^  YAY! My dad took me to a blood bar and there were a bunch of people there. And get this.....Darren was there! DARREN! I didn't approach him there but I think he saw me. I'm scared to go to school now. Meep.....ACK! - . - CURSE YOU BOOTS! STOP CLAWING EVERYTHING!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Twilight Attacks! MEOW!

I have become a hero! I saved a stray cat from getting hit by a car! His name is Twilight. He is fat and black with a little white. He loves to sit on my homework and my books. My other cat , Boots , doesn't get along with him and she likes to sleep on my computer and make it go BING , BING , BING , BING! all day long until you chase her off it. Anywho, I got a good grade on my paper! Which I finished this morning on the way to school. Don't judge. I'm busy. - . - ACK! Twilight is trying to drink my AB+! NOOOOO!!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Made A Friend! YAY!

Today I made my second friend. Her name is Margret. She is very short at around 4ft. 11 or so. She is very ADORABLE! She has big brown eyes and she is very smart, athletic (fastest on the track team), and huggable.  Her hair got stuck in a bush during lunch and everyone was laughing at her. It made me mad. So I helped her. And she is gonna help me with my paper. I'm still procrastinating. > . >  I need to go to school. Hopefully the bus will wait for me this time. - . - Stupid driver hates me . . .

Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Day . . . Wa-hoo -.-

Today at school some girls asked me to sit with them. They seemed relatively nice so I thought, Why not?…I should have said no. As soon as I sat down I got a pie to the face. Literally. They made a type of trigger thing so when I sat down I was welcomed by a banana cream  pie. And then I almost got found out by some random kid who saw me punch a hole into the side of the school wall. Here’s how it went : “How did you do that?” he said. I whipped around and noticed a big hole in the wall. “I . . . uh . . . well . . . my family is full of super strong wrestlers. So strength is hereditary.” I said. “Uh . . . ok. I’m Darren. Aren’t you the girl who was diving off the board at the Welshies last night?” asked Darren “Cause that was incredible.”. “Thanks, I’m Jazmine but everyone calls me Jazzie.” I said. Then he walked me around the school which was very big and confusing. “I could walk you to most of your classes if you want.” asked Darren “Since we have a lot of them together.”. “Ok.” I said. Now all I can do is sketch he’s pretty grey eyes and his ruffled chestnut hair. Ok I need to stop. Must finish homework! I have a paper due in a few days and I must not procrastinate!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cookouts . . . not so fun.

Pink frills and yellow streamers. My nightmares have come true. I wanna go home but Mom said no. “You need to make friends Jazzie. And this is a good way to do so.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I need friends but why do they have to be so….pink! I need to go dive off a board. And eat a burger.

Welcome to Houston

There is no tower but….I got the basement!!! For 2 reasons… 1.I’m the oldest and 2.the most effected by the sun. It’s nice and chilly down here. Our new neighbors ,the Welshies, saw us pull in and invited us to dinner. Or rather to the barbeque  the are having with the entire neighbor hood tonight. Fun. I, of course, am not completely thrilled, but hey! They have a pool and I really love swimming. So I’m gonna wear my maroon t-shirt and dark grey shorts. Along with my purple polka-dotted bikini top and black surfer shorts.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Attention! We have now landed.... :/

We just landed half an hour ago and we are eating at Friendly’s. I love the bacon burger. I got some weird looks when I finished and asked for another one.
We are going to look at our new place when we are done eating. I hope it has a tower room like our last house did. And I hope I get it. Well my second burger is here so time to dig in!

Flight to Dryville (part 2)

I got a new seat! I swapped with the Mr. Business Tycoon’s wife. Now I’m between a cute little 9 or 8 year old playing with her teddy and a window.  The sun doesn’t hurt too much today, thank goodness. I’m a little hungry…I wonder if I could sneak some AB+ into my glass without the little girl or her dad noticing. I’ll go to the bathroom to do that.

Flight to Dryville

We are going on our very boring 3 hour flight from  Seattle, Washington to Houston, Texas. I’m squished between an old lady and a man rapidly texting to his boss. Oh god, the old lady just took her teeth out. Ewwww!!!! Ugh.. This is just getting worse and worse. Where a flight attendant? I need to change seats.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving Isn't Fun

I can’t believe this is happening!!! We are moving to Texas. Are my parents trying to kill us?!? I mean we’re vampires! We no like sunshine. But no! Dad had to accept the lovely job offer in the land of Dryness just so my sister and I can go to college. Who says I even wanna go! I don’t wanna move. I like it here. Lots of rain and moisture. Wah…mom wants me to help pack.